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The Beauty of Wood

The wood used in Echelon Cabinetry showcases the natural beauty that comes from the inherent characteristics of wood. Trees are affected by the climate, the soil they inhabit, and the elements of their environment. All of these factors combine to create the natural characteristics found in real wood:

  • Grain pattern variation (open and wide graining contrasting with tightly closed graining)

  • Grain color variation (from even and consistent color to varied and quite dramatic)

  • Unique markings (such as dark “mineral” streaks or light-colored sap wood)

These variations can occur from cabinet to cabinet and within the same door or drawer front; however, they are considered natural characteristics, not defects. Clear or natural wood finishes enable the natural beauty of grain and color to show through. Opaque finishes provide greater consistency by hiding the natural wood variations. Each individual cabinet may or may not show the same natural characteristics. Download the Echelon Beauty of Wood brochure to learn more.